Zoom Ankh magnetic bracelet
Zoom Men's Ankh Bracelet
Zoom Men's Ankh Bracelet

Men's Ankh Bracelet


Ignite Speaks Men's Magnetic Bracelet. This bracelet is perfect for everyday wear to receive the maximum benefits. This chain link magnet bracelet features the natural healing eye of Ra Horus and the Ankh Symbol. Available in gold or black. Made with precision craftsmanship, it is the best looking and highest quality therapeutic bracelet. Did you know the Eye Of Horus is a symbol universally recognized as a symbol of protection? The ancient Egyptians even believed the symbol to have healing properties. Many wear The Eye Of Horus and Ankh symbol for protection, royal power and overall spiritual health.

How we express our thoughts, or channel our creativity resonates profoundly with fashion. This is precisely why at Ignite Speaks we tap into our clients’ inner vibe by designing the best jewelry. Combining both elegance and sophistication, our uniquely selected pieces are well-crafted to ensure our clients achieve their objectives whether in the office space or in the public sphere. Bracelets are a hidden secret to the soul, and at Ignite Speaks we explore ways through which that secret path can best be captured. So whether you are looking for a timeless piece to pair with that fresh-cut bespoke suit, or a simple yet stylish piece to accessorize that grunge ensemble, we are here to help you find your pathway to elegance.


• Material: Stainless Steel
• Magnet: 3000 Gauss
• Size Length : ~8" inches / adjustable to small sizes with a tool
• Available in gold or black

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• An alternative aid in the relief of muscle and joint pain as well as fatigue.
• Assists with relaxation and meditation
• Has no fading, discoloration and are corrosion resistant
• Includes four elements to assist with overall wellness
• Magnet+negative ion+germanium+far infrared


Magnetism is essential for the body's electromagnetic activity. It plays a major role in overall health. Magnets have been used by several cutlures (Arabians, Greeks, Indians, Egyptians, Chinese, and Romans) for thousands of years. Our magnetic necklace & bracelets assist the body to regain its self healing balance while looking good at the same time.


316L is the highest grade of stainless steel used in the jewelry market. It is so good at resisting fade, rust, and corrosion, that it is used in architecture as well as in marine environments. At the same time, it is safe to use for medical purposes inside the body. For this reason the stainless steel rings we carry are made with this same grade of steel. It will not fade, change color, or leave stains on your body. It doesn’t even require any maintenance to keep it looking new. Our pricing along with our standard for high quality is what consistently sets us apart from the rest.


Due to monitor settings some slight color variations across monitors may vary slightly. This item is not meant to treat, diagnosis or replace medical care by a licensed physician. Please, discuss new regimens with your healthcare provider. We make no claims to its effectiveness as individual results will vary.



Ankh magnetic bracelet

Men's Ankh Bracelet