Who We Are

Spread positivity.  Spark possibility.  Ignite Speaks.

What we Believe

At Ignite Speaks, we believe firmly in three things: 

What you think you become

What you feel you attract

What you imagine you create

The power of speech, intention, and fashion go hand and hand.  We believe that fashion is an ultimate form of silent self-expression.  We believe you can express emotion, support causes, and present perspectives that spark conversation and possibility.  What you think about expands, and that the things you imagine and visualize are what you attract.  Fashion has the capacity to heal wounds and captivate imagination – and we believe that when paired with intuitive and inspired words, fashion can create change.

 In our ever expanding experience, we're motivated to inspire others to be, do and have positively and intentionally. 

 Inspired from Southern California, Ignite Speaks set out to create impactful fashion that elevated the conversation, encouraged kindness, exuded positivity, and inspired others to raise their vibration higher for the good of all humankind.  We’re a brand with a passion for total wellness – including our body, mind, spirit, and energy.


What we Offer

Today, we proudly offer t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts designed to feel cozy on the skin, comfortable on the body, and empowering for the soul.  We also have developed a unique line of wellness jewelry to complement our unique take on inspirational fashion – jewelry that delights the eye and helps raise the energy of all those who wear it. 


Our Founder

Ignite Speaks founder and CEO Teoy Thompson delivers more than inspirational reminders, service-led leadership, and unflinching support – she is the ultimate female empowerment role model to the entire Ignite Speaks team and her community.  Beyond her corporate professional titles and accolades, Teoy is a dedicated mom, a successful entrepreneur, and a socially conscious contributor actively doing her part to make this world a better place.  As our leader, Teoy effortlessly demonstrates the incredible power of positivity and exemplifying the endless possibilities that await us when we take the time to raise our vibrations.

Ignite Speaks is more than a clothing brand – we are a proprietor of possibility and positivity.  Speak volumes without so much as a whisper.  Ignite optimism.  Ignite Speaks. 


We welcome you to celebrate love and light with us.