Men's Self Vibe Check-In

Ignite Speaks is all about checking your vibe and sparking positively from within. 

We're doing more than transforming the impact of wellness jewelry, we're enhancing who you already are. 

Greatness exists within all of us. With our intentional jewelry and our purpose to promote overall wellness, your vibrational experience is a frequency you can't help but embrace. Check-In Men! What's your vibe?

What You Feel You Attract - Physical

  • Be intentional about active refresh points daily
  • Shave/Get a Haircut - Be mindful of your outer grooming, it supports feeling great about who you are
  • Check your nutrition. What goes on the inside shows up on the outside

What You Think About Expands

  • Mind your thoughts on things that bring joy
  • Constant subtle positive reminders throughout the day (playlist, post its etc.)
  • Imagine. Create. Inspire.
    • What you imagine you create
    • Identify your purpose
    • Write down what speaks to you from within
    • Visualize your desired outcome daily




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